The Best Television System for Hotels, Hospitals and Multiple Dwelling Units

The Best Television System for Hotels, Hospitals and Multiple Dwelling Units

A (SMATV) Satellite Master Antenna Television or (CATV) Community Access Television can go a long way in a Free to Guest atmosphere. These systems are usually referenced when a Hotel, Hospital or large multiple dwelling complex needs television service from a satellite provider like DIRECTV and DISH Network or Cable Company like Time Warner and Charter Communications. Also known as a Headend, these systems are ideal for large businesses and properties because the equipment works within the buildings own infrastructure.

Today, these systems can be found in Hotels, Hospitals, Casinos, Prisons and Nursing Homes or virtually anywhere there’s a multiple dwelling unit. The Video Signal is commonly sent out over a distribution network to each monitor or television set. Service is generally accessible with the room’s television remote control.

There are typically two forms of service being distributed to every room.

Free to Guest service may include:

Up to 100 Channels

Cable or Satellite programming

Local Stations

Digital Standard or High Definition

Cable and Satellite Services are generally Free to Guest as additional charges are not passed along directly to the consumer. Second, Interactive Television is commonly used as an interface media that is stacked together with the cable or satellite channels for an unforgettable in-room entertainment.

Interactive Services may include:

Hotel or Hospital Welcome Screen

Hotel or Hospital Services – Bill Summary, Check Out, Room Service, Laundry, etc.

Information Channel that displays news, weather and local information

Video On Demand

Internet, Messaging and Email

Video Games & Fun Activities

Applications like Twitter, Facebook and other social networks

Internet Television or rental services like Netflix and Hulu

Option to shop for Hotel Amenities, products and services

Common SMATV and CATV Signal Distribution Configurations

L-Band – requires a set-top box for every room, no modulation necessary

Pro:Idiom – distributes High Definition over coaxial cable with digital encryption to Flat Panel Monitors

IPTV – internet protocol television delivered over the internet

FTA – free to air from local towers

Today, most hotels and hospitals are just wired with coaxial cables. A Headend Television System can be distributed over coaxial cables via L-Band or Audio Video Modulation must considered for the system. Modulation will needed for SMATV, CATV, and Pro-Idiom Technologies.

Programming options include Standard and/or High Definition channels including: Local Stations, News, Kids, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Latino, Learning, Movies, Music, and Sports. Monthly charges are generally based upon drop count. When you choose a programming lineup, it is the type of channels you want to display that determines the price of the package. For example, say you wanted local stations, movies, and sports. The package price is $5 per drop. If you drop movies, the package would be $2 less per drop monthly, even though it’s the same amount of drops your saving money each month. Take the final package price and multiply it by the number of drops (beds or rooms) and your figure will equal the price per month, less tax.

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