Kodi Leia 2020

Kodi Leia 2020 : Kodi 18.0 Leia , Kodi 17.0 Krypton

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Two months have passed since our last bug fix release and already we have a new one ready for consumption.

Fancy a few more features?

There aren’t any, with one teeny-tiny exception.

Apparently DTS-HD audio only tracks are a thing and Kodi can now play them like any other music format.

That’s it, yes No more features Seriously.

However since Kodi Leia 2019 is a bug fix release we have a boatload of arm… fixes.

In fact too many to mention  Below is a non-exhaustive list of (mostly) usability fixes.

Estuary : Kodi Leia

1- Fixed favourites’ widget not scrolling properly on 16:10 displays.

2- Fixed API buttons was not reachable with a mouse on Settings window.

3- Fixed Skin Settings window scroll bar focus.

4- Fixed order of TV Show title and Episode title in Video Info dialog.

5- Added Search button to the side menu in the Video and Music windows.

6 -Fixed Wall and Info wall views scroll to bottom on certain aspect-ratios.

7- Fixed broken side menu navigation in the Ad don Browser window.

PVR : Kodi Leia

1- Fixed a Group Manager crash when adding a new group.

2- Fixed EPG UI corruption and /or EPG data not showing with newly added channels.

3- Fixed PVR guide window channel data being overwritten.

 Music :

1-Added support for DTS-HD audio tracks.

2- Fixed wrong album or artist thumb art being picked from scraper results

The remaining fixes are under the hood and range from addressing nasty memory

leaks to DVD playback from HTTPS sources, with a couple of crash and burn events in between.

A special thanks to all the users that found a bug, took the time to report it and, in some cases, provided a fix.

The full v19 change log can be found in our GitHub milestone.

If you want to read back on what was actually changed in v19 itself,

you can find the corresponding articles in the blog posts –

As usual Kodi 18.3 availability on Google Play and Microsoft Store may take a few more days.

Stay tuned.

Kodi 2019

Just when you thought we were all having a rest for Easter, here’s some surprise news for you:

Kodi “Leia” 18.2 is ready to roll. The sun is shining and the sky is blue here in western Europe,

and we’re all tied to our keyboards to bring you the latest Kodi loveliness. We’re kind like that.

In keeping with the 18.x maintenance release cycle, this is a bug fix release, with no real new functionality.

What’s worth noting, however, is how we’ve identified and managed the bugs this time.

We’ve always valued high-quality bug reports, and, for this reason,

for 18.x we implemented an issue template and an automated verification system in the GitHub issue tracker.


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