How to Install and Setup IPTV on Samsung Smart TV?

How to Install and Setup IPTV on Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV : How to Install and Setup IPTV on Samsung Smart TV?

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a subscription-based digital media service that streams television channels over the internet.

Unlike traditional cable methods, the streamed media content will be stored on the transmission end of the server.

Hence the users can access their favorite whenever and wherever they want.

IPTV works under the Internet protocol technology and more than two users can access the single IPTV Subscription.

IPTV is accessible on popular platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux and much more.

Along with that, IPTV is also accessible on Smart TVs, streaming devices (FireStick & Roku) and gaming consoles (Xbox and PlayStations).

If you’re a Samsung Smart TV user, watch the space below to know how to install IPTV on your TV.

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 IPTV on Samsung Smart TV?


Installing IPTV on Samsung Smart TV is not a difficult task.

You can download the IPTV app directly from the App Store.

There are so many IPTV apps available on the app store.

Here we have used Smart IPTV app for the demonstration purpose.

You can use the IPTV app which is convenient to you.

install and setup

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#1: Launch your Samsung Smart TV and connect to the internet connection.

#2: Press the home button on your Samsung Remote.

#3: Now navigate to the search bar and search for Smart IPTV.

#4: Select the Smart IPTV app which comes with the following logo.

Smart IPTV

#5: Select Install to start the downloading process.

#6: After installing the app, you need to carry out a few more procedures to watch IPTV channels on your Samsung Smart TV. Select Open to launch the IPTV app.

#7: Note down the TV Mac Address that displayed on your TV.

#8: Now visit on your mobile/PC web browser.

#9: Under the Upload local IPTV Playlist File menu, enter the MAC address that displayed on the TV.

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On the URL box, enter the subscription URL that you received from the IPTV provider.

After entering the details, tap the Send button.

Enter the MAC Address and M3U URL

#10: Within a few seconds, a pop-up stating “1 URL added! Restart your App” will appear on the bottom of your browser screen.

#11: Get back to the IPTV app on Samsung TV and exit the app by pressing the exit button on your Samsung remote.

#12: Navigate to Apps section and launch the Smart IPTV app.

#13: Wait for IPTV app to load all the IPTV channels. Within a few minutes, all the IPTV channels will be displayed on the screen.

#14: Play your favorite channel and enjoy streaming on the bigger screen.


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